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Paediatric Speech Pathology Services

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​How to arrange for a session? 

Anyone can contact us to make an appointment. No formal referral from a health professional is required. Parents, guardians, teachers, or medical practitioners are all welcome to ring or email to refer a child for speech pathology services. 

What to expect? 

The initial session typically involves consultation with parents/guardians regarding their concerns, interview regarding their child's developmental history as well as a speech and language assessment. 


  • The type and length of assessment will depend on your child's needs. Assessments typically require at least 60 minutes to complete. Comprehensive assessments may require 2-3 hours to complete (this can be done over two to three 60-minute sessions). 
  • Formal assessments are available in the areas of speech, language, and pragmatic skills for toddlers, preschool and primary school-age children. 


  • Once assessment is completed, you and your child will attend either weekly or fortnightly sessions. Therapy sessions are offered in 45-minute or 60-minute blocks. 
  • PCSP believes in family-centred approach which means that we strive to work in partnership with families to improve their child's skills. Parents and caregivers are always encouraged to be present during the sessions and be actively involved in the process. Parent-training also forms a large part of our therapy process. 
  • How long your child requires therapy for depends on a number of factors such as the severity and complexity of his/her difficulties, the nature of the difficulty, age, learning abilities, regularity of attendance, and cooperation during sessions.  
  • Individual therapy sessions are provided in the areas of speech, receptive language, expressive language, fluency, ​​pragmatic language, and social skills.

Please contact us for our current fee schedule.