By 3 years

Builds tower of 6-9 blocks

Aligns 3 or more cubes to make a train

Engages in sequential actions during play

Begins imaginative play

Begins to be interested in cooperative play

Willing to wait for his/her turn

Takes turns in simple games

Acts silly to gain attention

Learns to share and be kind to others

By 4 years

Engages in cooperative play

Imaginative play is well developed

Plays make-believe with dolls, animals & people

Likes to dress up/role play

Assumes the role of another person in play

Prefers to play in group of 2-3 children

Enjoys simple songs and games with others

Initiates activities with parent

Uses appropriate eye contact during conversation

By 7 years

Develops better self control

Increasing awareness of own and others' emotions

Learns games taught to him/her by other children

Belonging to a group is important; likes group activities

Often pairs up with a best friend and leaves out other children

Play and Social Skills Development


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Paediatric Speech Pathology Services

6-9 months

Explores toys with fingers and mouth

Drags a toy toward self

Plays pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo

Shows fear of strangers

Smiles when being smiled at

By 2 years

Begins to engage in make-believe/pretend play

Builds tower of 4 or more blocks

Finds hidden objects

Engages in parallel play - play alongside other children but not with them

Takes turns verbally 

Imitates behaviours of others

By 5 years

Good imaginative play

Maintains a conversation for 3-4 turns

Discusses emotions and feelings more effectively

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0-3 months

Tries to reach for objects

Holds a toy for a short time

9-12 months

Bangs 2 objects together 

Stacks ring on pegs

Takes object out of a container

Places one block after another on the table

Engages in solitary or self play

Likes songs and rhymes

Affectionate with familiar people

Cries when mother and father leaves

Excited about company of other children

By 6 years

Engages in conversations

Likes to sing, dance and act

Better at discussing feelings and emotions

Likes to please friends

Gives praise and make promises, threats and insults

Recognises another's need for help and give assistance

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3-6 months

Puts objects in mouth

Looks intently at and shake noisemaker

Bangs object held in hand