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Paediatric Speech Pathology Services

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What should my child be able to do at his/her age? 

Children learn many new skills in the first few years of their lives. They learn to communicate, play, socialise, read, as well as eat and drink. This journey of growth and development is for both parent and child to take together. The following few pages provide information on child developmental milestones in the areas of speech, language, play, and social-communication for children up to 7 years of age. The information is not intended to be used as sole determinant for normal or abnormal development. 


Please seek advice from a speech pathologist if you think your child is having difficulties in:

  • Expressing his/her wants and needs, thoughts and emotions

  • ​Understanding what others say 

  • ​Following instructions

  • Talking clearly

  • Talking smoothly (i.e., stuttering)

  • Playing or socialising with other children